Ahhh tradition. For my newer readers let me explain that A2GastroBoy started in the winter of 2010-11 as a research project. To substantiate a friends business plan, and to validate my own hypothesis, I set-out to conduct a survey on local dining habits. I created a Survey Monkey acount, drafted the survey and started spamming everyone I knew. There was no professional insights wonk to edit the questions, no objective screening mechanism, just good 'ol grass roots canvasing.   

No shockingly, folks were willing to give their two cents. What I did expect, however, was that so many of the survey respondents would request a copy of the results. Always willing to oblidge, I created a web site to post the results. The whole process inspired me to post more content....and a legend is born. 

For purely academic pleasures, I've decided to make the survey an annual tradition. Every fall, after we fulfill our civic duty by voting in general elections I ask folks to fillout one more ballot. It's that simple. In January I'll name the new 2012-13 Restaurant of the Year along with a basic run-down of survey results.

ACTION REQUIRED: While all of this is charming and nice, none of it works without you. We need your help. Please support our quest for knowledge by clicking on the survey link below. After you complete the quick survey e-mail that same link to five of your neighbors. Then come back in January to see the results. Thanks!


PS:If you're curious, you can find the 2010 and 2011 survey results by clicking the links below (if you do, please be sure to hit the back arrow afterwards and click the link to this years survey form). 



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Done!!! :)

November 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTeacherPatti

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