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[This story seems be resonating on my personal Facebook page so I thought I'd share. Enjoy]

8:00 AM Saturday I stop for gas at a random sketchy station. As I start pumping gas, in drives a bass-booming hoopty packed with four kids I can only describe as “thuggish.” I become confident in my assumption that they are NOT, like me, on their way to volunteer at the school garden. The only question unanswered is whether their day is starting or ending. In quick succession they park; we make eye contact; I nod; they scowl. 

To create a mental distraction I pull out my phone and check e-mail. Surprisingly, as I’d just checked my e-mail prior to getting out of the car, I have two new e-mails. Suddenly engaged in a last-minute note about my duties at the garden I fail to see one of the perps approaching me with his arm raised.

“Hey, is that the new iPhone?”

Having just spent the last week showing off my new geek flair I reflexively say “yea, check it out” and hand the guy my phone. In the same instant I become 30% resigned to the fact that I may never see the phone again.

“It’s so  thin…and light!”


“Are you on 4G?”

“No, LTE.”

“Damn! That’s fast. Can you face-time on cellular?”

“I can. And I have.”

We both beam at one another, sharing a moment of un-adulterated geek-gasm.

In another quick succession his buddy exits the station with an energy drink. He hands me back the phone. They get back in their car and speed off. As they pull out he smiles and tells me to “keep it real.”


FICTIONAL FLOURISH: After sharing notes on our phones we decided to meet later for coffee. At this very moment I’m baking a fresh batch of Kale chips to bring for a snack. 

VOILA | Fresh Kale Chips for my coffee date (Kale Compliments of the Selma Cafe front yard Garden! Thanks Lisa!)

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